Movement practice


Personalized 1-on-1 movement classes to get you moving and feeling connected to your body.


Get in touch to schedule a 30-, 45-, or 60-minute session that works in your weekly schedule.


Either online through Zoom or in your garden according to COVID-appropriate standards.


Taught by Aviva Rose-Williams. I am a Bay Area native, Quebec circus school graduate, and co-founder of the French circus company, À Sens Unique.


$60/hr - privates

$80/hr - semi-privates

$120/hr - 3-5 people

(Be in touch if this payscale doesn’t work for you and let’s find something that does)

About movement practice

This is a fun, individualized training program aimed to help you to find new connections in your body and new relationships to movement. I emphasize physical learning through play and curiosity. This movement practice is designed for anyone and everyone.


We will focus on :


Figure out how different parts of your body connect to power your whole 


Keep your joints and range of movement healthy for the long run


Learn how to access your body's innate natural power


Enhance your body's range of motion to feel liberated while moving


Explore how confidence and choice plays a role in physical capacity


Feel empowered while moving by nourishing the mind-body connection

Practice session specifics

When signing up for a movement practice session, please consider the following questions to best serve your learning experience:

Would you like your session to be 30-, 45-, or 60-minutes long?

How many sessions would you like per month or week?

Would you like to do the session with anyone else? (Sessions can be conducted for households of up to 5 people)

Would you like for the session to be a zoom appointment, or taught in your garden? (see COVID-appropriate standards below)

COVID-appropriate standards?

Movement is often about finding connection within one’s own body, but also can be about finding connection with others. From my own continued movement practice during shelter-in-place, I recognize that it can be challenging to feel embodied while interacting with a screen. As a teacher, I highly value the ability to be in the same space as the students. This is why currently I offer in-person classes that follow these guidelines:


• Classes only take place outdoors, either in your garden or a public park

• All participants stay at least 6 ft apart for the duration of the class, unless they belong to the same household 

• All participants wear masks for the duration of the class, gloves are optional

• If anyone experiences potential symptoms, classes are conducted on Zoom while potential symptoms last and for at least 7 days after they subside

• There is never any spotting, or physical support from teacher to students


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