French for circus artists

WHAT: Personalized 1-on-1 French classes for circus artists. We’ll cover circus vocabulary, including anatomy, words commonly used in training, and business lingo. We’ll also explore European circus culture basics and business practices, such as contract writing and negotiation, and how to organize a tour. Classes emphasize conversation and learning French for immediate application. 

WHEN: Get in touch to schedule a 30 or 60 minute session. 

WHO: Taught by Aviva Rose-Williams. I am a Bay Area native, Quebec circus school graduate, and co-founder of the French circus company, À Sens Unique.

WHERE: Your home (online)

COST: $50/hr (Please be in touch if this payscale doesn’t work for you and let’s figure out something that does)

About the classes

These personalized 1-on-1 French classes for circus artists will help you master the vocabulary and knowledge you’ll need while training at circus school, working for French companies, creating acts with other artists in the French language, or planning and negotiating your own tour through Europe. 

Potential material includes:

• Discipline-specific vocabulary (tissu, trapeze, juggling, etc)

• Body parts

• Training vocab (tuck, straddle, bend, straighten, push, pull...)

• Injury and sensation (broken, sprain, it hurts, pulled muscle, sore, etc)

• People (coach, flyer, director, physical therapist etc)

• Equipment (ratchet straps, carabiner, quick link, etc)

• Show creation, production, and discussion (staging, lighting, plot, character, etc)


• Writing a project proposal

• Writing a booking email

• Configuring a press packet

• How to put together a technical rider


And more...We can cover just about anything you would like to discuss—let's get comfortable!

About me

I grew up in the Bay Area and took French classes from 7th-12th grade, and then another year in university (USF) before moving to Quebec to enter the Quebec Circus School. I was surprised when I got there that although I had taken 6 years of French, much of what I had learned wasn’t relevant, and much of the language I needed I’d never learned. 


I studied Chinese pole in Quebec for 3 years and rapidly improved my French. I also co-founded the company, A Sens Unique, with a group of friends. In 2013, we moved to France and began to tour our first show. A whole new world of French-learning began again—a crash course in French for writing and negotiating contracts, managing a tour, and conducting daily business inside European circus culture. A Sens Unique is still based in France, and before COVID, I continued to run the company and perform year round throughout Europe.


After learning French in many different settings, I strongly believe in the power of learning through conversation and working 1-on-1. Hearing a language and building a relationship with words beyond a textbook is key. Speaking might feel scary at first, but there are few things more fun once we get into it. So let's hang out and chat about circus!

Feel free to be in touch with any questions :

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