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My training to become a professional circus artist began at age 15 with the San Francisco Youth Circus. I continued with the SF professional acrobatics program in (2009), and then Quebec Circus school professional program (2010-2013) where I studied Chinese pole. In 2011, while in the Quebec school, some friends and I cofounded the À Sens Unique collective.


Upon graduation, I toured my solo Chinese pole act in various international festivals, À Sens Unique was officially founded in France, and we created our first full-length show, Léger démêlé(2015-2019). We then created and toured Mule (2017-2022), and I finished a solo show, InTact, in 2022.


Meanwhile in 2018 in the US, my twin and I formed our company, Split Second, and created our first show called Mind the Gap. In 2020, we created our second show What it's like. And in 2023, are now creating a third show.

I have toured with Monstro (CSLM), A deux Metres by (ADM), Drull (Zirkus Fahraway), Midnight circus, and more. I have gotten to work with as an outside eye for cie A Trois Branches, Courant d'Air, Social Movement, etc. 

Off the stage, I work with the American Circus Alliance, organize yearly Chinese pole and icarian games conventions in Brussels, and teach workshops to support the upcoming teens in San Francisco Bay Area. 

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