Born and raised in Berkeley, California, the urge to become a professional circus artist came at the age of 15, and I joined the San Francisco Youth Circus. After a year in the SF professional acrobatics program and 3 years of training in the Quebec Circus school, I graduated with a degree in Chinese pole and cofounded the À Sens Unique collective with a group of friends. 


During the months creating the collective's first full-length show, Léger démêlé, I also toured my solo pole act in festivals like Circus Maximus, Fun Fatale, Turbo 418, Chicago Contemporary circus festival, Cirque[S], etc... The show "Sans Prendre de Gants" with Constance Bugnon was created in 2014. And in 2017, the collective released an Icarian games show, "Mule".


I am currently working on a solo pole show "Impulse", and a duet with Molly Rose-Williams, "Mind the Gap".


For more information about A Sens Unique: click here

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